Hélène H. Oord Ministries (BIO)

Evangelist Hélène H. Oord ordained servant of the Lord. was born in a country Suriname the city in a city Paramaribo. In her youth she went to Europe, Holland “the Netherlands” and lived their for many years, her second home.

Her family is supportive by the work that is doing for the Lord International. She has a calling in her life called by Our Lord and Savior.

As reborn Christian she presents her selves as Ambassador of our Lord and Savior.


She believe in water baptism by immersion. Mat. 28:19

I believe the baptism of the Holy Spirit, according to Acts 2:4, is given to believers who ask for it. Acts 2:39

I believe there is one God, eternally existent in three persons: God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit. 2 Cor. 13:14

I believe that man’s only hope of redemption is through the shed blood of Jesus Christ, the Son of God. Salvation is received through repentance toward God and faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. (New Birth = Born again). John 3:3

Mark 10:29. Jesus said follow Me, and I will make you become fishers of men In Mark 1:17

After water baptize she is doing street Evangelism, is gifted as intercessor, and as counselor.

In 2006 our Lord and Savior came in her room and called her name “HÉLÈNE”. She listen to His voice and her live is committed to the Him.

She is an Intercessor and Evangelist and passionate about bringing people to Christ and even see them through water baptism.

As Chaplaincy she pray for families deliverance prayers and anoint there homes, pray for the sick in hospitals and has a passion for street Evangelism

Volunteered in Holland:

She volunteered in different projects in the Rural Multicultural Society, with politics representatives of the House of representatives and representatives of the European Union of Brussels.

Used by God she is active in mega projects connected to the United Nations that concerned the issues in the Nation for a better world.

In some projects she invites Ambassadors, Diplomats, high level officials, Ministers, VIP, for activities and programs within the United Nations.

Beside these contacts in her Christian network: Bishops, Evangelist, Prophets, Pastors, Ministers, Missionaries, business peoples and others.

When God put it in her hard she invites Bishop’s and Pastors who traveled all over the nation to churches and to the United Nations to minister the word from God to His people.

Volunteered in the United States:

She volunteered for different Christian Churches in Brooklyn, Queens, and the Bronx in New York and Evangelistic ministries.

Private Ministries:

She is the President and founder of her ministries: Hélène International Ministries


As a young girl she was called by God but did not understand until God came into her live and took everything and changed her live. Her story is similar to Job.

Kingdom Projects and Activities

1st Fruit in Holland “Multicultural Talk show Helene”:

Her first fruit for the Lord was her television program where she host and produced her own show called, “Multicultural talk show Hélène”.For more information go to Google: Helene Oord MinistriesAs she walk a Christian live and ordained by the Lord, He made it clear that television is her calling.

1st Fruit in the United States “Hélène H. Oord Ministries Int.”

In the United States she host and produced shows in a studio and worked in different tv programmes with colleagues, Bronx net

Times Square event/US: 2007

She worked on a project together with her Church New Greater Bethel Ministries where Bishop John H. Boyd is the senior Pastor.To invite the Christian group who pray every week for all nation of the group of the United Nations Christian Cultural Society Recreations in New York. She participate at the major times square event in July 2007 to preach for all nation.

United Nations event/US:In August 2008

she invited guests to the United Nations from all over the nation to pray for the nation. Pastor Sunday Adelaja from Ukraine was the guests speaker.March 10, 2008 she organized a breakfast meeting at the Delegate Dining Room in the United Nations to start the process for an UN/NGO DPI Status for Embassy of God Ukraine where Pastor Sunday Adelaja is the pastor. UN Officials, delegates and Organizations that is connected to the UN where invited.


Active with UN/NGO projects, as consultant to the United Nations, that concerned issues, at the Nation for a better world.Invites high level officials, Ministers, VIP’s, Bishops, Pastors, business people’s, corporations and organizations to participate in activities at the United Nations.

Activities 2009 & 2010 

Assistant to Project One Inc. to the United Nations for UN/NGO activitiesAssistant to TBN to invite pastors with their congregations to be part of the taping at the show Supportive in fundraise event for the Haitian relieveActive and assistant to churches including African church for prayers

International Contacts and activities:

International contacts consist of Bishops, Evangelist, Prophets, Pastors, Ministers, Missionaries, corporations and organizations world wide.


Mission in Hélène H. Oord Ministries International is to connect Ministries and Organizations, to inform them about the Worldwide activities that are taking place, and to provide in their needs for a better understanding of,,   (in)our Multicultural society.  In other words, to improve communication and support each other’s cause.

To promote, support and improve communication among civil organizations and the United Nations Missions, for rapid and effective coalition between the countries.


Vision is to inform the world, through media in the form of Radio, television, video and internet, public speaking and print,, that people still care about each other regardless of Race or Nationality.

This view is to connect ministries with organizations of all sorts by providing information about the concerns and the 8 mayor goals of the United Nations and bring awareness of the current activities.

The United States of America is a melting pot of all Nations.

Therefore Hélène H. Oord Ministries International will Reach-Out and sent the message Worldwide in her GREEN TV PROGRAMS “LOVE TO ALL NATIONS”.

Hélène H. Oord Ministries International will interview National and International Diplomats, Ambassadors and VIP persons to enlighten us with issues that affect their countries and the United States “about their burden for the people and the needs of their people”.  These contacts are going to connect the different Ministries and Organizations with each other. Through these interviews they will then get to know about each other and find out how they can help and work together or share information and services.

Goals & Objectives

Objectives in Helene International ministries

1)      To support for the United Nations in its efforts to provide basic needs to all people through cooperation no-profit organizations and the world leaders.

2)      Create a harmonious functioning information exchange unit that enables Non Governmental Organizations to support the goals of the United Nations. 

3)      Connect these organizations with the appropriate leaders to facilitate them to make a contribution to needed programs.



Ultimate goal in Hélène H. Oord Ministries International is to create a harmonious functioning information exchange unit that helps Ministries, Organizations and Leaders of the world to connect  worldwide in their mission their message “LOVE TO THE NATIONS”.  To make a significant contribution to our society, for the Better world.


Hélène H. Oord

Free lance Tv-Producer


Public Relation

Our Mission

To eradicate proverty in our communities and provide a safe haven for those in need. It is our goal to improve the quality of life for the people living in proverty by helping them te become self-sefficient.
To provide a comprehensive program of personal growth and development.
To create an environment and use activities that foster mutual respect, resillience, self-esteen, self-regulation, self-efficacy and leadership. Promote awareness and acceptance of diversity.

Hélène H. Oord


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